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We are honored you have placed your trust in us to arrange the final wishes of  your pet.

—John & Tanya Nelson

Your pet is a part of your family. That is why we offer Caring Pet Cremations at Nelson’s Bay Area Mortuary.
By choosing pet cremation you are able to keep your pet with you and give you and your family peace and comfort.
Each pet is cremated separately.
There are many memorialization options
available as well.
Upon request we will make a free ink
paw print or a clipping of your pets
fur or hair.
                                          We have many urns for keeping                                             a portion or full cremated
                                          remains. Pendants, Necklaces,
                                          Key Fobs, and Glass Art are only
                                          some of the options available.
                                          Click on the Memorials heading
                                         above to see a portion of our pet
                                         remembrance offings.
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